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mIRC4Life, is it a rip of mIRC With Speech?
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Fri Feb 15 2008, 04:31am

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mIRC4Life, catchy name, good intent.
The author Supernover approached me over two years ago asking if he could fork it.
I said since he didn't know anything about scripting it was a bad idea and that I would not allow or support it.
Seems like my effort and time developping the add-on wasn't appreciated or respected thus he went ahead and did it anyway.
It is said and he spreads round that mIRC With Speech is not my code, that it is in fact just a copy of someone elses work.

I feel Supernover is misinformed as he may be unknowingly be referring to mIRC With Speech, the early days when it still used the mIRC Speech script.

Anyway, since quite some versions now mIRC With Speech heavily modified and fixed the mIRC Speech script and then moved to directly accessing the jfwapi dll to provide a fast interface without the dodgey mIRC Speech component.
Some may find mIRC4Life good as it has some new sounds, new useless scripts and concentrates on useless features poorly implemented rather than avoiding a complicated interface for IRC and new comers to IRC.
mIRC With Speech will continue to improve it's interface, the modified messages so not to confuse new comers to IRC and to continue providing handy tools that make IRC so easy to use.
mIRC With Speech is dedicated to being a free add-on for mIRC.
Though others are claiming credit for my work those people who have seen the mIRC With Speech project grow, know for a fact the development process and the huge amount of time that has gone into what makes it one of the most popular mIRC solutions for the blind.
Upcoming mIRC With Speech 1.0 will again address many requests given by users and attempt to be more user friendly for low vision users and for sighted users in the non speech versions.

Please give any feadback, bitching or comments reguarding mIRC4Life and the use of all the mIRC With Speech code.
If you do not believe this to be true, open both programs and read the scripts.
Please someone tell Supernover that loading dll's such as SSl and jfwapi.dll into the remvtes scripts editor of mIRC really wont help him haahhahaha.
I had to laugh so hard when I read his latest version 2.3.
Fudge :P
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