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Network - Filesharing: Mounting a remote directory via ssh on Windows
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Wed Feb 10 2010, 03:12pm
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Mounting a remote directory via ssh on Windows


Networking, Filesharing

Difficulty: easy

Tested on/for:
Windows XP

Notice: currently not tested with a screenreader

This text is about sharing files between computers via ssh.
Ssh is a secure remote shell with good encryption. Ssh was designed to control remote computers via a secure shell. Later file transfer was added.
One way to share files between two computers is to use Sftp. A FTP like file transmission protocol using ssh. If u want to transfer only some files to or from a computer a Sftp client like Filezilla ( http://filezilla-project.org/ ) is a very handy tool. But wouldn't it be nice to use a remote computer like a local harddrive?
Why mess around with samba if you just want to share files with your linux-server?

Ok, here we go

Step 1:

Get the Software

Download the needed apps and libarys from http://dokan-dev.net/en/
Get the Dorkan libary
for 32bit Windows

for 64bit

Then we need the ssh-filesystem apt
32 and 64bit

And an additional package from Microsoft.com
The Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) installs runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries required to run applications developed with Visual C++ on a computer that does not have Visual C++ 2005 installed


Step 3:

Install the downloaded apps and libary

Step 4:

Setting up sshfs

During installation sshfs creates an icon on your desktop and places a Trayicon in your taskbar labeled as Dokan SSHFS

After opening the application you have to enter:

Name of your choice for the connection
The Host address - in my case for my local BSD Server running ssh
And a your Username on the Host

If the remote computer uses a different port u have to change 22, the standard port, to your port.

Depending on the remote computers configuration you have to enter your Password and / or you have to enter the location of your Keyfile and enter a passphrase if needed.

At last enter the name of the Server Root. Thats the directory u want to connect to.
in my case /home/bubulein

And the drive letter u want to use. In my case N.

After you Save your settings for the next time, and click connect.

Now you find a new drive in the Windows Explorer that points to the remotefolder and you are connected.

The first time you read this document it seems complicated buts it is easier then start the fight between windows and samba or nfs.
A great advantage is that the ssh-server is running on up to 100% of all the servers, so why install a additional service?

Thx to
Fudge and Kyle who help me to improve my terrible english
Dorkan for this libary
The OpenSSH-Team for the most used service in the world

If you need help, have questions, suggestion or just want to kick me, feel free to send a mail to bubulein©mail.com or visit us on the ircnet irc.blufudge.net #holodeck

yours bubulein

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